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Leather Solitude

3 years ago

Give me the soothing isolation of a tight, leather bondage hood to block out all of the negativity and idiocy of the world…

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Meditation in Bondage

3 years ago

He knew that there was no escaping it. Or her.

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Enjoying His Isolation

3 years ago

I can’t help but laugh at his predicament when I open the door to our walk-in closet…

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48 Hours in the Penalty Box

3 years ago

As long as you’re not claustrophobic…

Cover Preview for His Cuckolding Queen (by KinkyWriter)
Cuckolding Erotica

His Cuckolding Queen

4 years ago

“Are you going to be a good, little cuckold for me while I’m gone?”

Cover Preview for Bound & Tormented (by KinkyWriter)
Erotic Samplers

Bound & Tormented

7 years ago

For those intrigued by bondage and submission…

Cover Preview for Tied Tight and Loving It! (by KinkyWriter)
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Tied Tight and Loving It!

8 years ago

Bondage fans – this bundle’s for you!!!

Cover Preview for A Bed Built for Cuckold Bondage! (by KinkyWriter)
Cuckolding Erotica

A Bed Built for Cuckold Bondage!

8 years ago

When she told him to build her a new bondage bed, she had no idea that this would be the final result!

Cover Preview for 30 Days of Bondage (by KinkyWriter)
FemDom Erotica

30 Days of Bondage

9 years ago

Nobody ever said that bondage was easy!