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Depravity Unmasked

7 months ago

Every breath she took was a struggle for focus that she didn’t have as the Sybian whirred relentlessly between her thighs…

Cover Preview for Stress and Self-Bondage, Part 1 (by KinkyWriter)
Chastity Erotica

Stress and Self-Bondage, Part 1

12 months ago

Does stress from work, family, or relationships dominate your life?

Cover Preview for Stress and Self-Bondage, Part 1 (by KinkyWriter)
Sneak Peeks

Stress and Self-Bondage, Part 1

1 year ago

Are you ready to begin the E-Stim Stress Management Program?

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Latex for Her, Chastity for Him

2 years ago

“The incentive for you is this – the more they cum, the more you cum…”

Cover Preview for Cheater's Remorse (by KinkyWriter)
Bondage Erotica

Cheater’s Remorse

3 years ago

“Don’t talk to me about sorry when you’ve still got your lover’s cum on your lips…”

Cover Preview for The Slut Wore Ballet Boots (by KinkyWriter)
Fetish Erotica

The Slut Wore Ballet Boots

4 years ago

Lisa knew that she was most definitely a slut, and surprisingly, it turned out that being slutty was actually kind of fun!!!

Cover Preview for Latex Bondage Surprise (by KinkyWriter)
Fetish Erotica

Latex Bondage Surprise

5 years ago

“Feel like playing a little game of dress-up?”

Cover Preview for Rope Marks (by KinkyWriter)
Bondage Erotica

Rope Marks

6 years ago

“I told him not to leave any marks…”

Cover Preview for Leather Fetish Girl (by KinkyWriter)
Fetish Erotica

Leather Fetish Girl

6 years ago

“So how tight will this go???”

Cover Preview for Tragically Erotique (by KinkyWriter)
Bundles & Collections

Tragically Erotique

6 years ago

Warning: Not for the faint of heart or the timidly submissive…

Cover Preview for Invitation to Ride (by KinkyWriter)
Bondage Erotica

Invitation to Ride

6 years ago

Exclusively for Miss Christine Miller…

Cover Preview for Naughty & Nice (by KinkyWriter)
Bundles & Collections

Naughty & Nice

6 years ago

Kinksters seeking both the soft and the sadistic – buy the bundle today and save!!!

Cover Preview for Kim's Kinky Adventures (by KinkyWriter)
Bundles & Collections

Kim’s Kinky Adventures

6 years ago

Fans of bondage and fetish fun, buy the bundle and save!!!

Cover Preview for A Special Fitting (by KinkyWriter)
Fetish Erotica

A Special Fitting

6 years ago

Kim had been looking forward to this day for a long time…

Cover Preview for Enjoying My Bondage (by KinkyWriter)
Bondage Erotica

Enjoying My Bondage

7 years ago

To say that I like being tied up is a bit of an understatement…