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Cover Preview for Pleasure Suit Fantasy (by KinkyWriter)
Fetish Erotica

Pleasure Suit Fantasy

2 years ago

The Ultimate Fantasy Orgasmic Experience!

Cover Preview for She Taunts (by KinkyWriter)
FemDom Erotica

She Taunts

3 years ago

My favorite position to see a submissive man is complicated, because I am, too…

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Taught to be Cruel

3 years ago

“Sometimes I feel as if I’m just not strict enough with him…”

Cover Preview for Sex and Domination Animalistic (by Veronica Ash)
FemDom Erotica

Sex & Domination Animalistic

7 years ago

It’s playtime.

Cover Preview for WHIPPED (by Mistress Elizabeth Simone)
FemDom Erotica


8 years ago

It was kind of like directing an orchestra, but with flesh and emotion as the instruments…

Cover Preview for USED (by Mistress Elizabeth Simone)
FemDom Erotica


8 years ago

“Look at me when I’ve got my fingers in your cunt!”

Cover Preview for BOUND (by Mistress Elizabeth Simone)
Bondage Erotica


8 years ago

A dominant woman doesn’t take orders from a man’s dick.

Cover Preview for The Photo Shoot (by KinkyWriter)
FemDom Erotica

The Photo Shoot

8 years ago

“Don’t be afraid to reach out and touch anything that catches your eye…”

Cover Preview for 30 Days of Bondage (by KinkyWriter)
FemDom Erotica

30 Days of Bondage

8 years ago

Nobody ever said that bondage was easy!