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Cover Preview for Mistress Simone's Playtime ... BOUND, USED, and WHIPPED (by Mistress Elizabeth Simone)
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Miss Simone’s Playtime … BOUND, USED, & WHIPPED

8 years ago

Meet Miss Simone – Buy multiple sessions and save!

Cover Preview for WHIPPED (by Mistress Elizabeth Simone)
FemDom Erotica


8 years ago

It was kind of like directing an orchestra, but with flesh and emotion as the instruments…

Cover Preview for 30 Days of Bondage (by KinkyWriter)
FemDom Erotica

30 Days of Bondage

8 years ago

Nobody ever said that bondage was easy!

Cover Preview for Dark Fantasies (by KinkyWriter)
Erotic Samplers

Dark Fantasies

9 years ago

Not every fantasy is one that we dare to speak about out loud…

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Her Plans to Break Him…

10 years ago

On Day #4 he will know the honor of service…

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Why I Dominate My Husband…

11 years ago

Because nothing gets a pair of shoes or boots cleaner than a man’s tongue!