“I just found out that an old friend from college is in town … do you mind if I meet up for a few drinks tonight???”

Ryan has always been my greatest weakness.

The two of us never officially dated in college, but boy, did he sure know how to make me scream just the same. It didn’t matter what I was supposed to be doing – studying, helping a friend move out of her dorm, meeting my boyfriend’s parents … when that boy came calling, I just couldn’t help myself and he knew it.

I suppose some things never change…

I honestly don’t know how he even got my number, yet I couldn’t help but feel a little giddy when I heard his voice on the phone. I told him right off the bat that I wasn’t sure because I was married now, and when we hung up I thought that he had accepted that … but then the text messages started rolling in and my judgment was rapidly starting to fog like it always did whenever he was around.

Truth be told, he probably knew that he had me the second that I recognized his voice…

Sneaking out of the office early, I rushed home from work to get ready before my husband would get home. Unlike most of the other guys that I saw in college, David didn’t know about Ryan … he didn’t know that in fact I had cheated on a lot of my college boyfriends with him, and he certainly didn’t know that even as a married woman occasionally he would still cross my mind, both when I was alone as well as when we were being intimate together.

The thing is, nobody could ever live up to the way that Ryan fucked me – he’s the type of guy who’s the reason why girls wear high heels and call each other sluts at the club. Every girl wants to be with a guy like Ryan … at least once in her sexual career … and if she’s lucky enough to keep in touch with him, well, sorry guys…

I was actively in the mode of telling myself that I shouldn’t do it by the time I pulled in my driveway at home, and yet for some reason deep down I think that just drove me to want him even more. I had to resist touching myself in the shower once I started getting ready, and by the time I had stepped out I was an entirely different woman with no sense of right left in her body.

When it came time to pick what to wear, I stood in my closet looking over skirts and dresses until I had that thought again – I shouldn’t … I really shouldn’t, but for him … how could I resist???

In one last display of willpower, I sent him a text message with a different address than we had agreed to meet at earlier, and I asked if he would mind meeting there instead. Maybe he would say no, I justified as I stared it back in the face as I awaited his reply, though a few minutes later when he replied with nothing more than a smiley face, it was all I could do to reply back…

“Great! I’ve got just the outfit then…”

The one in question was something that I’d only worn a couple of times – something that my husband had picked out special for me during one of his more adventurous moments, and I distinctly remembered it reducing him to a puddle on the floor when he saw me wearing it.

My husband has very much a fetish for leather and bondage, though we really don’t play nearly as much as I’m sure he would like. The last time I wore it, he had dropped to his knees and kissed my high heeled boots while I towered over him because he loved it so much, but tonight I had a much different plan in mind…

The black leather corset with its distinctive blue accents was an eye catcher all by itself and fully cinched up as David had insisted it be worn, it brought my waist to a magnificent curve and put my breasts prominently on display for anyone around to see and enjoy. I struggled a bit to get the lacing started, but once they started moving I was able to loop them around a nearby doorknob and pull them from both directions until the eyelets nearly touched down my back and my figure had been transformed to something that already had me thinking dirty thoughts all the more.

After laying the very tight and very short black leather skirt to accompany my corset out on the bed, I went to work situating the long garters that extended from the edge of the corset to accommodate the stockings that I was about to add to my ensemble. Sorting through my lingerie drawer, I unexpectedly came across an unopened package of black fishnets that I knew would be perfect for my look that night, and it wasn’t until I had slid both of the erotically charged stockings up my legs and was nearly finished fastening the garters that I remembered that they had actually been intended for my bachelorette party a few years back the night before I had gotten married.

Better late than never!

Coupled with the sexy stockings was another fitting item that I couldn’t resist as I saw myself transforming in the mirror from a happily married wife to a far more nefarious woman who hoped and prayed that her husband wouldn’t come home to find what she was really up to on that particular evening. I’d never worn crotchless panties before, but this black lacy pair made me feel absolutely electric as I first slipped them on over my garter straps, then pulled them back down for a minor reprieve as I went back into the bathroom to quickly shave down there … I guess because I just imagined them looking ten times sexier against a shaved pussy than they already did in that moment.

It’s admittedly hard to feel anything but naughty when you’re dressed in lingerie, shaving your pussy before heading out to meet pretty much anyone other than your committed partner, yet I couldn’t deny that the final look was incredibly erotic when I pulled the panties back up ten minutes later and imagined Ryan discovering my promiscuity for the first time later on that night. I could feel my nipples erect underneath the leather as I posed in the mirror and enjoyed my ass perfectly framed by the garters with the tiny triangle of the lacy thong wedged between my cheeks in a marvelous display.

Pulling the short, leather skirt up my legs further amplified the sensations as I zipped it from behind and then noticed with a flirtatious giggle how it barely concealed the garter snaps that hid just out of sight beneath it yet still seemed to show their texture due to the tightness of the skirt.

My shoes would be strappy and sexy and black leather to match – ironically a pair that my husband’s shoe fetish had picked out for me during a shopping indulgence, though I’d never actually worn them for him even around the bedroom. The stiletto heels were high, but nothing I couldn’t handle as I sat down and stretched to buckle the straps around each of my ankles. While I was there, I also decided to wear a shiny, gold anklet that he had given me for Valentine’s Day one year, followed by a necklace and some bracelets and finally a pair of hoop earrings with diamond accents that had also been an anniversary gift from earlier that year…

In retrospect, I’m not sure why my wardrobe selections had been so targeted in spite of my husband’s desires, as if the simple sensation of sneaking around behind his back to fuck wasn’t by far naughty enough. As I stared back into the mirror, though … as I applied my makeup with deep, shadowy eyes and devilishly kissable lips, a much different woman looked back at me and for some reason … that made it ok.

My mind flooded with thoughts of Ryan and swelling into his arms just like I’d done countless times before, and in knowing what his touch was capable of doing to me, and how my pussy was already throbbing as I stood there in high heels putting on the finishing touches, I realized that I was doing this for him because quite frankly, he deserved the very best.

…even if it involved taking it from someone else…

If my husband had walked through the door at that exact moment, he’d have thought that it was our anniversary, but David was the last thing on my mind as I batted my eyes back at the bombshell who was ready for a night of anything but loyalty, wearing tight leather and fishnets that I had no doubt would be attracting plenty of attention … though I was in need of only one.

I spritzed myself with a hint of perfume in all of the right places – a scent that I knew my husband craved, no less – and then finally threw the bare necessities into a small, leather clutch that matched my attire perfectly before also retrieving off a hanger in the back of the closet a sexy leather bolero jacket that complimented the tight leather even further…

I looked like I was headed out to a rock concert.

I looked like I was headed for the bad part of town.

I hoped that none of our neighbors saw me as I quietly slipped out the front door to my car, leaving the safety of suburban life far behind me as I gave in to my desires for a night that I knew I’d never forget…

* * * * * * * * * *

Pulling up to the parking attendant, I looked down at my wedding ring and pondered whether to take it off or leave it on before heading inside. Ryan knew that I was married and he clearly didn’t care, and even though the indentation around my finger still hinted that something was missing as I stared at the diamond band I had just removed, ultimately I decided that it somehow felt naughtier to hide it away as I discretely dropped it into my clutch, caressing the emptiness it left behind as I navigated through the garage looking for a space to park.

Whereas the original bar that Ryan wanted to meet up at fit the bill just fine for a couple of old friends getting together for drinks and even a bit more, the new meeting place that I had suggested at the last minute was admittedly something entirely different altogether. Innocent as any other club on the outside, Whipped was actually a bondage club that catered to a particularly hands-on type of party-goer. Its interior features plenty of open floor for dancing and a nice bar area, but its real selling point are the numerous play spaces … some public and some private … scattered throughout the building’s multiple levels to enable the kinky indulgences of its patrons while the liquor flows freely and inhibitions run wild!

Much to my husband’s jealousy, I’d been a few times before with bachelorette parties and girls nights out … he would always drool whenever I came home and told him fragments of the often sexy, but mostly goofy fun that we’d had, but in reality he would never be able to handle a place like Whipped – the fetish girls and bondage toys would make him cream himself before we even got through the lobby!

Ryan texted me as I was walking in to ask if I had chickened out, to which my only response could possibly be a playful greeting 30 seconds later when I spotted him at the crowded bar and slid myself in next to his barstool, placing one hand on his back and the other on the inside of his thigh as the two of us shared a smile like nothing had changed at all in the years that had passed…

“Holy shit, Jess – you dress for your husband like this at home?!” he exclaimed as he caught his first glimpse of me while I already fell dreamily into his eyes.

“My who???” I squeaked with a seductive flutter of my eyes as his hand immediately went for my ass as he reached around and pulled my body closer to his, my tongue entwined with his barely a moment later as Ryan made quick work of reminding me who my body really belonged to…

“I would’ve never pegged you as the kinky type,” he whispered as his lips pulled back so that his eyes could pierce through me once more. I had already been well on my way before I had even stepped out of the car, but his fingers groping my ass through the leather skirt made me undeniably horny with desire all the more.

“But it’s a good look on you…” he growled as his wandering hands then came to notice my garters that were hiding just below the leather … hiding for him.

“Oh stop,” I blushed as continued to tower beside him in my heels, putting myself on full display for him. “You tied me up plenty of times before in college!”

Ryan laughed as he reached his other hand around to caress my corseted midsection.

“So is that what you’re hoping to have happen again here tonight?” he asked me with the sexiest gleam in his eye as I seemed to melt into his hands despite my domineering appearance.

“I’m open to suggestions…” I purred back as I leaned in and stole another kiss from the lips that I remembered from dozens of past sexual encounters like a giddy schoolgirl.

“Well, why don’t we start with a drink,” he said coolly as he waved the bartender over and ordered me one of my old favorites from memory, then spread his legs and invited me to sit on his lap on account of all the other barstools being taken. His left hand seemed to fall perfectly into place on the inside of my thigh as I sat on his knee and draped my arm freely around his back.

“You do look gorgeous tonight,” Ryan whispered into my ear as he inconspicuously ran his thumb along the edge of my stockings just underneath my skirt as his free hand forever cradled me from behind. “I can’t imagine what your husband thought when he saw you leaving the house like this tonight…”

“He wasn’t home yet…” I grinned as I took a long drag off of the fruity drink that the bartender had just handed me a moment earlier, my heart racing as I felt his hand inching further into my skirt as I spread my legs just a little wider for him in anticipation.

Ryan chuckled under his breath as he looked me up and down again without reserve.

“So you rushed home to do all of this in secret … for me?” he asked slyly as his fingers delicately traced along the eyelets of my corset behind me.

“…maybe…” I purred as I sat there oblivious to everything and everyone else at the bar as I bit the tiniest edge of my lip in anticipation of him discovering just how easy I really was in his hands that night.

Ryan chuckled as he stared back at me, amused as he gloated over the power that he’s always held over me…

“So is your husband not giving you everything that you need???” he whispered seductively as he leaned forward, his lips only inches away as I gazed back at him.

I looked into his eyes weakly, in search of his sympathy as I ached for his next touch, but this was the part where he wanted to toy with me … even as I reluctantly shook my head in an attempt to comply with his simple request.

“I want to hear the words, Jessica,” he told me with a sharper tone to his voice as his hand resumed its journey up the inside of my skirt, my clit tingling as he was so close I could feel the heat radiating from his fingertips.

“Why do you always make me do this?” I pleaded with him earnestly as I placed my hand on his chest.

“Because it’s fun!” he replied with a wink as his fingertip finally brushed the lace panties that did little to separate him from my juicy prize.

“I want you to fuck me…” I purred amorously into his ear as I scooted forward in his lap, my eyes locked with his as he suddenly felt not underwear, but the real thing underneath.

“That’s your husband’s job,” he continued to tease with a sinister grin as I seemed to hang on his every word … his every breath … his every touch.

“I’d rather have you…” I blurted out as Ryan’s fingers slipped inside of my soaking wet pussy while he pulled me forward and sucked my tongue into his mouth. I panted desperately as he gently curled them just inside of my hole, his touch electrifying my entire body as I sat in his lap dressed in leather and fishnets like a fetish girl ready to fuck…

“My cock was made for your pussy…” he snarled as I wiggled intoxicated in his lap, in tune with him and him alone as he led me wherever he wanted me to go … a slut eager to please him … just like it had always been.

“Your cock was made for my pussy!” I moaned into his ear loud enough that would’ve gotten us kicked out at nearly any other establishment, yet here my cry for sex merely elicited a few snickers and a few curious onlookers as the rest of the room went on about their own debauchery without paying any mind to my own act of adultery.

My thighs spread wide for him as my body didn’t seem phased in the slightest about the proposition of this man from my past fingering me right there at the bar for anyone interested to see. It was quite clear that Ryan was enjoying himself, smiling as he watched me squirming in his hands as his fingers began to slowly fuck me in a manner that was anything but discrete while I squirmed in glory on his lap.

“You’re such a little slut…” he taunted me in a way that just made me desperate for more. “I wish your husband could see you right now …just so that he could see who his wife’s pussy really belongs to!”

He knew exactly which buttons to push, and every humiliating word that slipped from his brash lips just made me even wetter as his fingers slid in and out of my pussy like a cock that I hadn’t even known I’d been missing for years. Somehow hearing the words to define my infidelity just made the night all the more exciting and naughty, and as I sat there dressed for sex with his fingers in my pussy, I knew that there was no turning back now…

“Take me somewhere that you can fuck me…” I begged as Ryan coasted just on the edge of tease, but not quite hard enough to push me over the edge right there at the bar as he played my sex like a fiddle.

His sadistic smile before he ever even spoke a word told me that it wasn’t going to be that easy.

“I think I’d like to see you cum first,” he told me nonchalantly as his fingers pulsed inside of me through the crotchless panties that I had worn just for him.

“Right here?!” I squealed as I already felt insides start to flutter.

“Yes, slut – right here,” he replied as I suddenly felt him starting to massage my clit with his thumb as his fingers slipped in and out of me almost effortlessly. He then added, “Is that going to be a problem???” just as he plunged his tongue into my mouth – this time much more forcefully this time – before I had a chance to reply.

It was at that moment that my mind went into overload as the weight of everything around me seemed to come slamming into me all at once. As I closed my eyes and gave in to Ryan’s touch once more, I pictured all of the other patrons at the bar gawking at my open display of lust; I pictured my husband finding me dressed like a fetish queen and then learning that it wasn’t for him; I pictured myself on my knees in front of Ryan, worshipping his cock with my hungry lips like I’d done so many other times before when I had so many other places I was supposed to be instead…

But I wasn’t.

I was out with my lover, who wished to see me cum for him as he curled and retracted his fingers inside of me, and then suddenly it hit me … and just took the ground out from beneath me … and when I finally opened my eyes once again, I was first greeted by his satisfied grin before then glancing nervously around the bar to see just how many other people had enjoyed my show as well!

A couple of people nearby clapped, as well as the bartender himself, and one woman gave me a warm smile and a knowing wink from the far side of the bar as I blushed while still riding the high while Ryan slowly pulled his fingers out from between my legs.

“And who did that to you, slut?” he whispered with a grin as he stole a kiss from my breathless lips before pulling back and replacing his lips with the sticky fingers that he produced from down below.

“You did…” I murmured as my eyes felt like they were going to roll into the back of my head, overwhelmed with delight as I followed his lead and licked my own wet juices from his fingers. The warm goo was like a badge of triumph for him – I could see it in his eyes, but after a few dedicated licks it soon became clear that he already had his sights set on something much, much naughtier…

“I rented us a room to play in upstairs,” he told me as he scooted me back off of his lap and onto the floor as he called the bartender over to close out his tab.

“Come on – I can’t wait to see you wrapped around my cock again…” he whispered into my ear after the bartender had handed him back his credit card with a knowing grin.

My body on fire as I followed Ryan up two flights of stairs and around the winding hallway to our private play space, I could only imagine what he had in store for me next and despite it being bad for me, at that very moment in time it all sounded absolutely delicious…

* * * * * * * * * *

I was on my knees before the door had clicked itself shut, scrambling to pull down Ryan’s pants as he towered over me with an air of superiority that was an incredible turn-on. Truth be told, pretty much anything that he could’ve said or done would’ve made me even hotter for him at that single moment in time, and yet his silence as he looked down at me with an entitled smirk while I wasted no time slipping his already hard cock into my mouth was just as incredibly arousing still.

My entire body tingled alive as I knelt there passionately working on pleasing this old stranger from my past while in the farthest reaches of my mind, the memory of my husband at home sizzled just enough to fuel the thrill that somehow made it all even better. It had always been that way with Ryan – I was powerless to resist, and he always knew it … and yet despite having more to risk than ever in my most committed relationship to date, somehow it didn’t matter as long as that cock was sliding between my lips and I continued inching my way closer to the prize that I had subconsciously been driving towards ever since I’d gotten that first text message from him while innocently sitting at my desk back at work…

Before I was able to bring him to climax, though plenty long enough for him to verify that I most certainly did still have it, I quickly found myself in Ryan’s arms once more as I wrapped my legs tightly around him and kissed him deeply while he carried me over to one side of the special room that featured a very intriguing sexual apparatus that I knew instantly was going to be a whole lot of fun! Hanging from four heavy silver chains that descended down from the ceiling, a moment later our kiss was broken as I felt Ryan laying me down on a kinky, leather bondage swing that hung sturdily from the chains, with convenient cuffs already in place that he then proceeded to buckle first around my wrists and then also around my ankles.

“Oh fuck, this is awesome!” I gushed out with delight as Ryan took each of my ankles one at a time – my shiny, stiletto heels screaming of the sex that I was about to receive – and raised them high in the air to the chains over my head, thus in the process also opening my pussy up generously on display for his enjoyment as I swung there on my back, helpless to resist and far too horny to even consider it!

Taking advantage of the crotchless panties that I had worn once more, my lover went straight to business as I cried out in ecstasy even just to feel the head of his cock spreading my lips so wonderfully after such a long time. I noted later that he hadn’t bothered to put on a condom before taking his position inside of me, although at that point it was the furthest thing from my mind as his fucking stood as a wall that blocked out anything and everything that could’ve possibly stopped me in that moment from savoring every last inch of his engorged cock as it penetrated me over and over again with no remorse…

Ryan doesn’t fuck me slow – that’s not his style – but by that point I was in no way in need of foreplay as his cock slammed into me with authority, my beyond eager pussy taking him in effortlessly as my mind did little but savor the overwhelming sensations that were soaring through my body as I lay on my back, leathered up for the sex that I had been bound in place to receive. Though I didn’t struggle much against my restraints – instead welcoming them, in fact! – I couldn’t help but admit that they added even further to the scene that was playing out in our borrowed dungeon as the jingle of chains and the constant thudding of flesh on flesh filled the echoing room with the sounds of our carnal lust.

Just as my first orgasm came bursting into life without warning, we heard another woman moaning along in a room nearby, and without a word spoken between us, it collectively became our goal to be louder than the mystery couple nearby as I began to groan out in ecstasy as Ryan’s jack-hammering continued as if we were still in college…

“OH FUCK!!!”



It wasn’t a lie – despite my husband’s numerous fetishes, it was very true that I’d never been fucked like Ryan was fucking me in that moment. In my entire life, nobody fucked me like Ryan could … that was the reason why situations like this always happened to me. Years could go by without notice, and then suddenly out of the blue I’d hear mention of him and my pussy would just twinge with anticipation … like it had been longing for him … and it was useless to resist. And I knew it.

“Look at my little slut down there!” he bragged as he took one of my ankles in their bound position in each hand and smiled down on me as his cock slammed me hard into another orgasm. “If only your mother-in-law could see you now – she’d be so proud of your dedication to her son…” he laughed relentlessly as I phased out and just felt the throbbing delight between my legs…

“Jessica?” he called out a few seconds later as my mind-blowing orgasm continued and he watched me contort against him uncontrollably, only half even able to hear the words that he spoke, though the next sentence from his lips was abundantly clear…

“Do you want me to cum in your pussy, or in your mouth???”

“CUM IN MY PUSSY, PLEASE!!!” I cried out as I fought against my bonds while his cock entered me faster than ever. He must’ve been right on the edge because only a second later I could vividly feel his cock spasming inside of me as he decorated my abused pussy with his seed like he’d done proudly so many times before.

I gasped for air as I suddenly felt him withdraw as my cunt continued to quake, though my break was short-lived as only a moment later that same cock entered my gaping mouth as if no invitation was needed, sharing with me the spoils of unfaithful sex as I tasted both his cum and my own mixed together as Ryan invaded my mouth, eventually bringing his cock all the way to the back of my throat just because he could.

After unbuckling my restraints and giving me just enough time to get another drink in me, I soon found myself kneeling on a padded leather bench with my hands cuffed behind my back using a random pair of leather restraints that Ryan had found lying about. I just groaned with exhaustion and delight as I felt him pressing against my ass as he prepared to claim his next prize, knowing all along that it seemed both futile and hypocritical to resist as his fat cock took its second home in my ass and all I could do was groan as I felt his every last inch push its way inside of me…

Over the course of the next two hours, I became his personal bondage slut as Ryan took to the variety of toys spread out around our room with great enthusiasm as he bound my body on display a dozen different ways while I exhaustedly slid into each position before he violated me once more until my entire being was sore and I felt like I couldn’t endure a single orgasm longer, eventually ending up in the center of a large, four-poster iron bed with my body bound in a tight spread-eagle and his fingers toying playfully with my thoroughly abused cunt as we laid together and talked and kissed.

“This stuff is fun! We should’ve started messing around with this kinky shit years ago…” he laughed as he groped at my tight belly through the leather corset before eventually pulling the cups down and biting hard into my right nipple without warning while also squeezing my left between his fingers.

I squealed before slipping into delight as his tongue took over where his teeth had left off and began exploring an entirely new part of my body that had otherwise been hidden under the sexy black leather all night long.

“Please please please!” I panted out in protest as the sensations quickly grew to be too much, which Ryan rapidly interrupted by asking with a perpetually amused grin, “Please … fuck you again?”

“God, no – I don’t think that I can take anymore…” my pleading quickly turned back to whimpering as he began to nibble on my now quite erect nipples once more. As I then felt him shift his body over mine and a moment later, his erection was forcing its way into my swollen and desperate pussy one last time, Ryan continued to taunt me as he held himself over me, pinching both of my nipples fiercely as he stared undeniably into my eyes, and before I knew it, I was crying out his name as he slow fucked me mercilessly to what was probably the most cumbersome climax of the entire night…

“Oh Ryan … Please Ryan…”

“You know you’re going to call out my name the next time that he fucks you, don’t you???” he sneered with a sarcastic satisfaction that sent a chill right to the bone as he slowly and methodically took me in triumph.

“No I won’t…” I shook my head as I focused on every overwhelming thrust before Ryan leaned forward and pushed his tongue into my mouth, cold and calculated as he continued to tease me.

“Sure you will,” he added with a smirk as he hovered only an inch over my face, seemingly amused as he carefully fucked every last ounce of energy out of my body.

“Please Ryan … Oh god, Ryan…” I moaned again as my eyeballs rolled into the back of my head and the whole world seemed to turn every color at the same time.

He kissed me long and deep that time as his thrusting persisted through my every last shiver as I felt like my entire body had been put to peace by his fucking. Although he didn’t release me from my bonds just yet, Ryan slumped over my body in exhaustion himself and we spent the next few minutes just cuddling in silence until I finally craned my neck over and whispered lovingly into his ear…

“You know why I’m not going to be calling out your name the next time that he’s fucking me???” I posed with an eyebrow raised as he looked over at me laying underneath him.

“No, why?” he asked with a chuckle.

“Because no other man could ever do that to me…” I told him with a defeated, well-earned smile on my face that seemed to bring one to his own as well.

Ryan retorted as he leaned in to take another kiss from my lips, “And don’t you ever forget it.”

* * * * * * * * * *

It wasn’t until nearly midnight that Ryan and I finally parted ways, sharing one last embrace in which he warned me, “I’ll see you again one day…” before slinking back to my car, exhausted yet utterly satisfied in every possibly way as I glanced at the time and wondered if David would be up waiting for me when I got home…

Being the early riser that he is, I breathed a temporary sigh of relief to find only the porch light on as I pulled up to an otherwise dark house, making sure to slip out of my heels just after sneaking in the front door and then creeping as quietly as possible up the stairs to where I already heard him snoring away from our bedroom at the other end of the hallway.

Leaving all of the lights off, I made quick work of unlacing and sliding out of my leather corset and skirt before stuffing them back away into the far corner of the closet where I would return them to their hangers properly on another day. After then tiptoeing into the bathroom to quickly remove my makeup, a split second later I found myself laying in bed next to my fast asleep husband as I nervously rubbed the empty spot on my finger from the wedding ring which had been completely forgotten in my purse that now sat on the counter in the kitchen downstairs.

Just when I was about to make my attempt to creep back out of bed to retrieve the marker of my marriage, I felt my nipples rubbing gently against the top sheet as they seemed to randomly come to life one more time in recent memory. With one hand wandering instinctively down between my legs while the other grazed my nipples in curiosity as I glanced over to confirm my slumbering partner, my eyes suddenly shot wide open as I realized that not only had my wedding ring been left astray, but I was still wearing the same crotchless panties that I’d worn for Ryan that adulterous evening, too…

…and a quick surveillance with my fingertips confirmed that after having endured hours upon hours of intense fucking, the panties most certainly showed plentiful signs of the rigorous agenda which they had been put through…

It was at that moment that I knew I was supposed to sneak back out of bed to finish covering my tracks, but instead as my index finger began to slowly trace its little circles around my clit, my mind found itself already seized by my lover once more and I quietly bit my lip as I envisioned my body being ravaged by him one last time that night.

As I fell asleep after I did my best to muffle the sounds of my deceitful orgasm from the man sleeping beside me, I dreamed about the next time – whether it would be a year, or five years, or even more – with fantasies of Ryan seducing me and using me over and over again until I finally awoke the next morning…

those same dirty panties around my hips from the night before…

…and my wedding ring still hidden away in my purse downstairs as I heard my husband prodding that I needed to get up for work.

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