“I’m looking to rekindle an old flame, and I want to make sure that I look my best…”

A trip to the local mall becomes a tantalizing game of tease and denial as one married wife plunges herself into the imaginary role of serving as her husband’s seductive cuckoldress preparing for a night out with her lover…

Some sexy, new lingerie.

A little black dress made of provocative leather.

Even a full makeover to transform her into the sex goddess of both their fantasies.

By the end of their shopping trip, sexual tensions couldn’t be higher as he can’t keep his mind off of all that has just transpired while her own continues to muse about taking things even further. As she slips into her jaw-dropping leather and towers over him in her brand-new, $700 stiletto heels, her heart races as she realizes … she’s really about to do it.


While she catered to my fingers and toes as I sat back in the humming massage chair, I tried to make a conscious effort to get inside the head of my character to see what other inspiration I could draw, and surprisingly as the complimentary glass of wine slowly drained and I thought more about the dress and the lingerie and even the notion of being pampered for someone, that’s when my juices really started to flow as I felt myself begin to cut loose and to some extent let my own fantasies rise up to meet my husband’s.

I thought about how much fun it always was preparing for dates before I had married my husband, and how exciting the thrill of getting all sexed up for someone new had been.

I thought about that first date … and the first kiss … and the first fuck, and the animalistic excitement of being thrown up against a wall before feeling a brand new cock penetrate you for the very first time.

I thought about my imaginary lover, Brian, and who he might resemble in real life. I imagined what we might look like together, and how he would hold me, and how my lips would slip effortlessly around his when he leaned in to kiss me.

As my fantasies swirled, I noticed Brian slowly taking the form of a guy that I had been with on and off throughout college – Alex. Although we never officially dated, we hung out a lot and had sex, and the sex that we had was amazing! It could’ve been said that he was using me for sex, but the truth was that we were probably using each other for sex, and honestly I think not having a relationship removed any inhibitions when we were alone together…

"I'm looking to rekindle an old flame, and I want to make sure that I look my best..."
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