“It’s just so hard to find good help these days…”

“Now whatever is in that bag, I’ll expect you to do exactly as she says and show her the same level of obedience that you’ve been showing me these last couple of months … are we clear?”

Almost three months have passed since that fateful night when Kate Jones introduced her husband to the world of chastity while also beginning to flaunt her adulterous nightlife. As his submission under her grows, however, it seems that also does her desire to push him even farther, and a last-minute dinner party with her fellow nurse, Veronica, becomes the perfect venue for the young blonde to dress up Kate’s subby hubby in a whole new degree of humiliation while the dominant wife revels in her newfound superiority all the more when her lover pays a surprise visit for dinner!

Her New Cuckold … Transformed is the third installment in the Her New Cuckold series, preceded first by Locked in which Andrew first acquires his chastity belt, followed by Teased as the couple comes to terms with these exciting changes in their marriage together.


“So how’s your little subby hubby taking to his new role around the house???” Veronica asked Kate with a grin as the two sat alone eating their lunches in the break room at the hospital where they worked.

Kate snickered, pausing for a moment as her eyes darted around the room before she allowed herself to speak freely.

“You know, he’s actually accepting it all a lot better than I ever would’ve expected!” she said with a laugh as she took another bite of the pasta that he’d prepared for her the night before. “A lot better…”

“Good!” her younger co-worker chimed with a bubbly grin as her mind flashed back to a couple of months prior when she had lent her services to first introduce Kate’s husband to the world of chastity while she and her lover were out enjoying a night on the town. “If you ask me, every woman should have two men in her life – one to do all of the work and to wait on her hand and foot, and another much more ravishing fellow to have her fun with!”

“You may be right,” Kate giggled along with her as the thought of her much more endowed lover … the doctor … made her slightly blush as she considered their latest rendezvous just the other night.

“I’m glad to see that he’s been so willing to … adjust … to this new change to our lifestyle,” she added as she daintily picked at her vegetables. “It certainly has made things … easier … for me.”

Never one to shy away from even the most provocative of discussion topics, Veronica pressed on, “Well I should hope so! It’s been what – over two months now? He should be doing almost all of the chores around the house at this point, isn’t he???”

“Oh, he’s getting there!” Kate smiled. “He’s got most of the big stuff down by now – dishes, laundry, vacuuming … he spends a lot of time reorganizing my closet for me these days, probably because he fantasizes about the different outfits that Marcus has been buying for me.”

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