Be careful what you wish for, as they say, because once a girl dips her toes into another man’s pool, there’s no telling what other naughty things you’ll catch her doing that started off merely as fantasies on your computer screen! Locked up, bound tight, and worshipping at her feet, it’s not hard to see how any wife might make the jump to even greater conquests once she’s managed to tame her own man back at home.

This seductively naughty collection contains the following cuckolding tales…

An Experiment in Cuckolding
With his wife’s best friend to guide him along, David finds himself in Las Vegas as his wife presents a unique opportunity to turn his cuckolding fetish into a reality. After hours of tease and denial, boot worship, and even chastity, will he accept his wife’s naughty proposal discover what it means to be a real cuckold???

One Day as a Cuckoldress
A trip to the local mall becomes a tantalizing game of tease and denial as one married wife plunges herself into the imaginary role of serving as her husband’s seductive cuckoldress preparing for a night out with her lover…

A Bridesmaid’s Chastity Cuck
What starts as a vacation to see her best friend get married soon becomes a kinky game of chastity and cuckolding as Anna sees an opportunity to entertain her hubby and also have a little fun with her college ex all in one unexpectedly scandalous night!

A Bed Built for Cuckold Bondage!
She wanted a new toy with which to exercise her dominance over him as she indulges in lust with her well-endowed boyfriend; he wanted nothing more than to please his mistress by putting his engineering skills to good use…

Remember – you wanted this, slave boy…

TAGS: bdsm, bondage, chastity, cuckolding, domination, femdom, roleplaying, the mall, weddings

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