It’s always the first taste that leaves you coming back for more and this variety of erotic experimentation promises to open fetish worlds from boot worship to spanking, chastity and crossdressing, and even some cuckolding – all for your indulgent delight!

Dive in head first and savor the sweetness from these erotic tales:

Kim’s New Boots
After buying a pair of sexy, leather boots to entice her boyfriend’s fetish, Kim decides to take their foreplay to the next level as she tests the waters with a little female domination that leaves her man feeling like the luckiest submission on earth…

Erin’s Dream Date
She’d longed for him since the day they’d first met, but would he be able to handle her when the gloves came off and he found himself on the business end of her favorite paddle???

The Plastic Anniversary
Christi couldn’t help but admit that she was feeling a little naughty when she ordered her newlywed husband a chastity belt to celebrate their first anniversary together … the thought of male chastity seemed like the perfect teaser to spice up their romantic getaway and for all she knew, that was only the beginning!

Playing Dress-Up at the Mall
With nowhere to run and his hormones urging him forward, Mark finds himself at the whim of two beautiful girls as his crossdressing kink takes center stage during an otherwise uneventful shopping trip that he’ll never forget…

An Experiment in Cuckolding
With his wife’s best friend to guide him along, David finds himself in Las Vegas as his wife presents a unique opportunity to turn his cuckolding fetish into a reality. After hours of tease and denial, boot worship, and even chastity, will he accept his wife’s naughty proposal discover what it means to be a real cuckold???

As they say, it’s only kinky the first time…

TAGS: bdsm, bondage, boot fetish, chastity, crossdressing, cuckolding, femdom, playful, spanking, tease and denial

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Exploring the world of kink through the written word, KinkyWriter writes erotic fiction about bondage and fetishes, domination, chastity, cuckolding, and more!
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