Bad Girls (and the men who worship them…)


They’ll take what they want and leave you begging to give them even more, strutting away in a perfect pair of tight leather pants with only their stiletto heels separating you from them and the floor. These girls don’t even have to ask for it – groveling, chastity, or the ultimate displays of sadomasochistic submission … when a bad girl tells you to kneel, you should already be doing it…

This bundle of five tales of true dominance makes the power over the men in their lives all too clear…

Her Greatest Weakness
Jessica was normally a mild-mannered, happily married girl, but when he came calling from her past, she knew from the moment she heard his voice that she was absolutely powerless to resist…

A Bridesmaid’s Chastity Cuck
What starts as a vacation to see her best friend get married soon becomes a kinky game of chastity and cuckolding as Anna sees an opportunity to entertain her hubby and also have a little fun with her college ex all in one unexpectedly scandalous night!

New to Chastity
After being taken off guard when she first discovers her boyfriend’s chastity fetish, Kelly quickly learns how she can exploit it to her own advantage as they pay a very provocative visit to their local adult toy store so that she can choose his replacement while he’s locked up!

Latex for Her, Chastity for Him
He’s submissive to her, but she’s submissive to another as we took on at the indulgent, sadomasochistic ritual that this couple enjoys, placing him bound and just out of reach as he’s forced to watch another dominate his sex-charged wife in the most degrading of ways, leaving both exhausted and utterly satisfied when the ropes and locks are finally released.

Her Heels Show No Mercy
Jessica loves a lot of things about her boyfriend, but one thing that she craves more than anything is his desire for pain, leading to a torturous game of domination in this intense, late night session featuring bondage, nipple play, electroplay, and more!

Don’t make them tell you again – just be happy that they’re even sharing their naughty stories with you in the first place. And these girls go way beyond just kiss and tell…

TAGS: bdsm, bondage, chastity, cheating, cuckolding, electroplay, femdom, high heels, latex, nipple play, torture, weddings

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